Entry 1

There was a time I dream of falling inlove,yet..as time passed by, as I grow older day by day.. I then realize, that that dream should be dreamt while sleeping πŸ™‚

This screenshot is a reminder to one’s self that not all the person that you want to fall inlove with, you need to be together with. Sometimes, it’s better to be the mob than be the leads in a show called love.

There was a song that I’d love to listened before. There was a line in there that make me love it..

“I remember the boy, but I dont remember the feelings anymore”

To him, this confession is for you. I hope that you’ll be able to read this. But, I also hope that once you read this..you already forgot about me.

It’s been 3 months since we last texted each other. Awhile ago, I saw your post from last month. Both of you are good for each other. She will be able to be with you ,do and give you the things that I’m unable to. I hope both of you are happy.

Our city is small and our district are closer yet for 10 years, we are unable to see each other. It only means, we are not meant to be.