Trying Translation

Hi everyone.

This is Cloverlin.

Eversince 2016, I have been wanting to try on translations but since English is only my 2nd language and the one I want to try translating is not even a language I am knowledgeable of. So, I ask Google-sama to lend his hand (๑•﹏•) to me since I love reading this novel and just recently found a source site of it.

Also, this one here is only doing it for past time since I am currently looking for new job and want to feel a little bit happiness 😊.

To the OG translator , I haven’t talk or chat with them yet. I just decided to picked up this one since it has been long and until now the translation is erratic yeah, it looks like they put it on hiatus again 😅. To the OG Translators, just comment or chat me up if you want me to stop the translation. Also, all rights reserved to the novel’s author. If ever they want to make this translation stop, I’m willingly abide.

Again, I just want to read this novel and also share it to those who are like me..who continue to read this one despite of waiting for so long of complete translation. Maybe, I’ll dropped this one if ever the OG translator will ask me to stopped or the author and its company, or if ever I will become busy in my future new workplace.

so yeah, will be posting chapters…depending on my online time 😅. Since I am using phone in doing this and this isn’t even my phone (mine’s got ruined during typhoon and currently sharing phone with my sister, so anyone want to donate, please donate one 😂😂😂).

So, here’s the C358.

-Cloverlin, Mar072022


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