Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 358

Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman


Chapter 358: Won’t blame you

Cui Jun was anxious for a while, and after speaking, when he heard Father Ji’s voice, he immediately became a little cowardly, but now he is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, where can he care so much, he said: “I I don’t have time to comfort Ji Shanshan now, so I’ll talk about it later.

Now that he and his cousin are facing the risk of losing, how can they still be in the mood to mess with Ji Shanshan.

My cousin has always been the arrogant daughter of heaven, she has always been excellent, and she has never received such a blow.

Seeing her like this now, she was crying so embarrassed that it made him feel distressed. Ji Shanshan was better. Instead of comforting her, she was in trouble. This is his cousin. She should give him some face!

“It’s a good time to talk about it later! Cui Zhanxian, look at the good son you raised!” Ji’s father suddenly said angrily.

Seeing her father’s appearance, Ji Shanshan couldn’t be so heartless, and hurriedly went over and tugged at his clothes: “Dad, don’t be angry…”

This Cui Jun’s father, Cui Zhanxian, doesn’t look good either.

Mainly because he didn’t expect to lose two games in a row, he also had complaints in his heart, but he couldn’t do it.

He was also dissatisfied with Cui Jun’s attitude of coaxing Sun Yan. After all, Sun Yan was not qualified to cry, but when he thought of the next three games, he stopped thinking about reprimanding his son, thinking that it was a wise choice to stabilize Sun Yan’s emotions.

A ginseng doesn’t seem to be important, and even their family is not short of ginseng, but the one in Jing Yunzhao’s hands is different. Not to mention that the medicinal value is extremely high, even if it is sold, it will definitely sell for a high price. !

Therefore, even if he was yelled at by Father Ji at this time, Cui Zhanxian still went his own way and said: “It’s just that the child is angry, but it’s not serious. Besides, Shanshan did something wrong this time, and Yan’er wants to compete again. It affected her mood and caused her to lose again, so what should I do?”

Father Ji was heartbroken by the choking.

Looking at the father and son, he gritted his teeth secretly.

He loves his daughter, no matter what in the future, he will not let his daughter be wronged by such a person!

Before, he thought that as long as his daughter liked it, it would be fine, but now it seems that this is the case at a young age, and I am afraid it will get worse when I grow up!γ€€

Suddenly, Father Ji held his daughter’s hand with a serious look, a little scary. It was the first time that Ji Shanshan saw her father look like this. She couldn’t help feeling guilty and didn’t dare to continue helping Cui Jun.

Although she likes Cui Jun, her parents and brother are her relatives, and Cui Jun cannot compare with them.


The scene was quiet again, and both sides rested for a while, preparing to enter the next round.

“Cousin, you have to believe in yourself. The ones you compared before are the basics. Jing Yunzhao is lucky. Maybe she just learned those things. Don’t worry about it, just play to your heart’s content. No matter what the result is, I will I won’t blame you.” Cui Jun said sympathetically.

When dealing with Bai Yueguang in his heart, there are always tender and whispering words.

With a pale smile on Sun Yan’s face, he turned back, but he sneered in his heart.

This is a nice saying. If she really loses, even if Cui Jun doesn’t blame her, her uncle will definitely blame her. After all, the Cui family has only one son, Cui Jun. If he can’t inherit the family business, the Cui family will be in trouble.

Moreover, she wanted the ginseng, but her uncle must also think that if she missed such a good opportunity, she would definitely be kicked out of the Cui family.

Besides, Cui Jun was originally interested in this as long as he was not very interested, and his abilities were average. Leaving aside the Cui family, Cui Jun naturally felt that it didn’t matter whether she won or not, but could she be the same! It really hurts to stand and talk without back pain!


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