Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 359

Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman


Chapter 359: Completed completely


Sun Yan was resentful in her heart, but she couldn’t say it or dared to say it on the face. After drinking a few sips of water to relax her mood, she started to prepare for the next game.

She couldn’t lose any of the last three pharmaceutical competitions, and once she lost, it was completely over.

Jing Yunzhao has a good memory and can recognize medicines, but she may not be able to make medicines. Although she is not as proficient as those masters, she is the best among her peers and can definitely win.

Sun Yan looked a little thin, Jing Yunzhao was calm, but the atmosphere was extraordinarily tense.

Many people hope that Sun Yan can suddenly counterattack and turn defeat into victory.

In front of them, complex tools were placed. The two stood on the stage, and soon someone brought the covered long plate, which was one of the medicinal materials to be prepared today.

When I opened the red cloth on my head, it immediately revealed something that made my scalp tingle.

Both Jing Yunzhao and Sun Yan are women. Generally, women are weaker than men in terms of psychology. For example, in front of them is the Qi Snake, that is, the five-step snake and the white-flowered snake. They look extremely disgusting and are poisonous.

However, the five-step snake has been removed and its internal organs are dry, so there is no need to worry that it will suddenly rush up and take a bite.

It’s just that even a dead snake looks numb to the scalp. 

After all, Jing Yunzhao was not very old. Even in his previous life, he had only lived for more than 20 years. Although his mental quality was strong, it was impossible not to be afraid of this kind of thing, but that was before he met Elder Xu.

In the days when she stayed in Old Xu’s courtyard, she had seen a lot of snakes, and most of them were even living creatures. She was responsible for slaughtering them, and no matter how big the fear was, she was overcome.

So now I just froze for a moment, and then I reached out and took the dried snake in my hand.

Beside him, Sun Yan’s hands trembled.

She has learned to make medicine, but it is more targeted at plants. Of course, she has seen others concoct snakes, but this kind of thing is disgusting, and she has never used it herself. 

It can be seen that Jing Yunzhao has already moved, how can she fall behind?

Bravely picked up the snake.

There are about two kilograms of five-step snakes here. I just watched Jing Yunzhao brush the appearance of these five-step snakes and clean up the dust left by the drying on the tops. The snake’s head and the place two or three inches behind the tip of the tail were cut off. 

Everyone could see that her technique was a little naive, but the steps were correct.

Put the snake body in the jar again, pour about a pound of white wine and soak it. After a long time, the snake’s scales and back bones were removed. After processing, it was washed and ready to be dried.

It’s not complicated, but the details are important.

The head, tail, scales and back of this snake are poisonous and should not be used as medicine.

Rather than saying that this question is about pharmaceuticals, it is more about guts. The person who asked this question probably thought that both of them were girls, so they chose these five-step snakes specially.

Jing Yunzhao moved smoothly, and while she was waiting to dry, Sun Yan next to her was still shaking off the scales of the snake.

The hand holding the knife trembled a little, and the people who looked at it were worried for a while.

You can see who is better and who is worse.  

It didn’t take long for the first game of this pharmacy to end in a draw. 

Although Jing Yunzhao’s medicine was well prepared, it was a pity that Sun Yan was popular, and many people wanted to give the Cui family a face, so after Sun Yan also finished, a draw was directly finalized, and Jing Yunzhao didn’t want to say anything more. Yan did pretty well.

Sun Yan breathed a sigh of relief, but his face was still pale after the end.

But before Sun Yan could completely relax, another round of concocting began. When he opened the jar, he saw that the densely packed centipedes were still alive!


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